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Full-Service Plumber Fremantle and Surrounds

If you’re here, it’s likely you’re on the search for a plumber. The good news is, your search will end here. Why? Because at Holborn Plumbing and Gas we cover every type of plumbing you’ll need. If you need a plumber, Fremantle to Mandurah, for new housing, developments, renovations, commercial plumbing or maintenance, we are your one-stop shop. Now, how’s that for saving you time and project management headaches?

There’s no need to continue your search for a plumber; we can help! CONTACT US NOW!

Emergency plumber Fremantle

Talking about headaches, we know the pain involved with blocked toilets and burst pipes and how important it is to have someone there in a jiffy. There’s no need to look up ‘emergency plumber Fremantle’ in the phone book, just have Holborn Plumbing and Gas on quick dial, we’re a 24 hour / 7 day service plumber and will be over to fix the problem quick smart.

Save the stress in a plumbing emergency, add our number to your phone NOW – 08 9337 7881

Gas plumber Fremantle

Did we mention we cover every type of plumbing? We specialise in gas too. If your gas hot water has given up the ghost or your gas cooktop isn’t working like it used to, we are your reliable, professional and licensed gas plumber, Fremantle and surrounds.

Professional and experienced plumber Fremantle

When it comes to plumbers in the Fremantle area, we are proud to be one of the most professional, experienced and hardworking. Our Managing Director, Clinton Holborn, is currently a sitting member on the Plumbing Licensing Board which is the Plumbing Industries regulator for Western Australia. He has also brought 22+ years of plumbing experience to Holborn Plumbing and Gas and with this, ensures that our team deliver quality work and high standards.

If you’ve been looking for a full-service plumber who puts customer service and quality first, give us a call TODAY and then tick ‘find plumber Fremantle’ off your to-do list.